The Three ULCians

ULCian is a term used here a lot to describe the type of people that the United Living Construct encompasses. The three main persona's or "jobs" people in the U.L.C. will become. They are as follows: Leaders, the people who direct the decision making flow of the organization. Creators, the ones who develop and innovate … Continue reading The Three ULCians

The Audacious Nature of Living

Yes, the U.L.C. is alive and well, for as of late the posts on this blog have been too far and few in between. Life can get in the way of many things, except for this site. The United Living Construct is greater than a blog, it has the capacity for monumental change in the … Continue reading The Audacious Nature of Living

The U.L.C. is for Unification

The developments of the United Living Construct have been made in order for people to make themselves into the best version of them they can be. The first step in order to unite one another together into a "Construct" of innovation and creation. A construct is either a formulation of ideas coming together in a … Continue reading The U.L.C. is for Unification

The 3 Main Components of the U.L.C.

Philosophy, Self-Development, and World Change.

Productivity at it’s Finest

I've talked about improving your lives, and gave you different ways to improve certain aspects, but what about just the basic day to day life? Sure creating a workout habit, or meditation is in this world, but just take a look to this for a bit. I aim myself to be the next great thinker … Continue reading Productivity at it’s Finest

Philosophy Thoughts: Multiverse

I've been having quite a number of existential thoughts as of late, and today for two hours I was having a mild existential crisis. Nevertheless I will rise to the occasion and write about the experience. In the ever expanding universe there are millions upon trillions of stars, planets, comets, etc. They say it is … Continue reading Philosophy Thoughts: Multiverse

Philosophy Thoughts: Fleeting Moments

Every day is a new beginning to your life and with it comes new moments to experience. You cannot escape this fact, yet it comes down to the question of why would you even want to. A lot of people who have busy lives tend to forget the precious moments that pass by. I was … Continue reading Philosophy Thoughts: Fleeting Moments

Life is a Flowing River

Time moves forward, as does your life. Forever in battle against death or any unforeseeable events. Until at the very end life loses in favor for death. This surely sounds quite dreadful to you doesn't it? In spite of this fate however the true beauty of the raging war is the battles themselves. Each bit … Continue reading Life is a Flowing River

Two Year Anniversary

Today is the day the U.L.C. was created just two years ago. I can't believe personally how long it has been, and I hope I can keep it going more! I have plans for the United Living Construct far beyond a philosophical blog. Everyday I envision a new world for all of us to call … Continue reading Two Year Anniversary

The Warriors Spirit

This video is akin to a flame of passion engulfed into a single video. What Is A Warrior? The "Warriors Spirit" is an internal (and eternal) combustion engine that just cannot fade. The tremendous amount of will that the person who dare deems himself a warrior is unmeasured by all except fellow warriors. This spirit … Continue reading The Warriors Spirit