The 3 Main Components of the U.L.C.

Philosophy, Self-Development, and World Change.

Productivity at it’s Finest

I've talked about improving your lives, and gave you different ways to improve certain aspects, but what about just the basic day to day life? Sure creating a workout habit, or meditation is in this world, but just take a look to this for a bit. I aim myself to be the next great thinker … Continue reading Productivity at it’s Finest

U.L.C. Goal: Type-1 Civilization

The transition from Type-0 to Type-1 Civilization ... Will We Make It? When I look towards the future do you know what I see? I see the two paths Michio spoke of: prosperity or destruction. What I mean by that is that either we as a planet are going to crumble from the inside out, … Continue reading U.L.C. Goal: Type-1 Civilization

How Technology Needs to Change the World

Technology is truly every where and even in remote places across the globe. We all know those science fiction flicks where at some point the world comes to the realization that coming together and pooling tech together is the right course of action. When is that point? Generally in the films its because of of … Continue reading How Technology Needs to Change the World

Tesla Could Have Changed the World

There have been a handful of world-changing geniuses throughout the history of mankind. From Einstein to Da Vinci, they scatter around the world, but there was one man who could have changed everything. Nikola Tesla. Tesla was a man of science and innovation. His mind was that of an innovative machine. This article, although long … Continue reading Tesla Could Have Changed the World

The Next Step for the Human Race

Or simply put, the world! This post was created as an idea map for the U.L.C.'s progress and future. I am using that to explain to all of you what we must do. This first starts with three key concepts: Unity Innovation Virtue Unity: Living together, working together, and creating a world together in peace … Continue reading The Next Step for the Human Race

U.L.C. Thoughts: Da Vinci Inspired Technology

I said there would be more Technology thoughts in the future, and there will, but for now we are introducing a new segment. "U.L.C. Thoughts" which is essentially a mixture of Technology and Philosophy thoughts. I think this way is the perfect example of what the U.L.C. is about, the combination of Technology and Ideology … Continue reading U.L.C. Thoughts: Da Vinci Inspired Technology

Technology Thoughts: Original E.P.C.O.T. (Disney’s Utopia)

We've talked before about Disney's Tomorrow land, which was both a movie and a park concept. A futuristic city (at least in the movie) that thrived on innovation, creativity, and unity. You might think, I see where you're going with this, for it sounds a lot like the U.L.C. physical conception. It was supposed to … Continue reading Technology Thoughts: Original E.P.C.O.T. (Disney’s Utopia)